Your involvement in your child’s education provides essential support for his/her academic progress. Here are some of the ways that you can become active in the life of your child’s school:

Parent Engagement: A monthly newletter full of information for parents on family life.

Parent Engagement May 2012

School Council:

Family & Community Volunteers: The school welcomes parent involvement. Parents are encouraged to attend parent-teacher-student conferences, to attend special evening events, to help chaperone trips, and to share any special talents that they may have.

Parent-teacher conferences: It is very important that parents or guardians attend these conferences in order to discuss their child’s academic progress. Parents may also make appointments to meet with the principal or their child’s teachers at any point of the year by calling the school office or stopping by in the morning.

Volunteers:Volunteers are a welcomed and appreciated support system in Scott Young P.S.We depend on community volunteers to help our school with nutrition programs, pediculosis checks, and fundraising activities such as fun nights, raffles, and sales.If you are interested in volunteering, contact the school to find out about opportunities that exist.




School Council provides invaluable support for the school and the parent body. Meetings are held approximately 8 times per year.